Trump Parscale Chart

Chart below displays open-source information showing organizations and people connected to President Trump and Brad Parscale as of June 2017. Source links are provided below the chart.

Trump Brad Parscale chart
Trump Parscale Chart

UPDATE MARCH 24, 2018: the chart has been updated to clarify the following — there is no known connection between Machiavelli Strategies, Mr. Edmond Ademi, or Mr. Mitch Kates, with Cambridge Analytica or SCL Group.

Source Links as of June 2017:

PAC payments 2016 election cycle — Open Secrets — (Donald J Trump for President $87,838,376 & Trump Make America Great Again Committee $3,702,533)

Giles Parscale website

Parscale Media LLC — Incorporated 4 Oct 2005 — Active

Parscale Properties LLC — Incorporated 24 Aug 2013 — Active

DevDemon website

Vector Media acquires DevDemon from Parscale in January 2017

Parscale’s El Technology Group, LLC — Incorporated 7 Aut 2003 (status: Franchis Tax Ended)

Lara Trump hired by Giles Parscale March 2017

America First Policies — Parscale — Ayers — Obst — Bossie — Pierson — Gates

Rick Gates business partner with Paul Manafort

Giles Parscale hired Harris Media

Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Nix meets Brad Parscale

SCL Balkans in Macedonia — Nicola Spasov & Vlado Andonovski

Rating Center team — Nicola Spasov & Vlado Andonovski

Machiavelli Strategies— Nicola Spasov — Edmond Ademi — Mitch Kates

Additional info not in chart:

Parscale purchased tv ad space through National Media

Parscale shared office in Trump Tower with Bannon, Conway and Bossie

Digital media ‘Project Alamo’ role of Kushner and Parscale

Make America Great PAC also paid Cambridge Analytica $5,912,500


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