Global – Open Corporates
Company Search – by Country and Region
Australia – Connect ASIC register
Belize – Companies & Corporate Affairs Registry
Canada – Canada Business Registries
Curaçao – Curaçao Chamber of Commerce
Cyprus – Republic of Cyprus Registrar of Companies
Cyprus – Cyprus Registry
Czech Republic – Register of companies in the Czech Republic
Denmark – Common Register Portal
Estonia – E-business register
France – French Republic business directory
France – Le Figaro
Greece – Ministry of Development
Guernsey – registry
Hong Kong – (requires registration)
Hong Kong – webb-site
Ireland – CORE, Companies Registration Office
Israel – CheckID
Israel – DataCheck
Isle of Man – Companies registry
Jersey – Jersey Financial Services Commission
Luxembourg – Luxembourg Business Registers
Malta – Malta Business Registry
Myanmar – Myanmar’s Beneficial Ownership Disclosure
Netherlands – Drimble
New Zealand – Companies Register
Russia –
Russia –
Russia – (Russian link)
Switzerland – Commercial Register
Ukraine –
United Kingdom – Companies House
Public Companies, S.E.C., FINRA – U.S.
U.S. SEC EDGAR – company search
U.S. SEC EDGAR – keyword search
U.S. SEC Enforcement
U.S. SEC Litigation Releases
U.S. SEC Administrative Proceedings
U.S. SEC Advisor Info – Investment Adviser firm and individual search
BrokerCheck by FINRA – Financial brokers, advisers and firms
Publicly Traded Companies – by Country or Region
Canada – Sedar, Canadian Securities Administrator
Canada – Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HKEX ownership search
Hong Kong – Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HKEX news search
London – London Stock Exchange, LSE
Shanghai – Shanghai Stock Exchange, SSE
Arizona, Pitkin County – Pitkin County Assessor
Florida, Miami Dade – clerk property search
Florida, Miami Dade – .gov property search
Florida, Palm Beach – Palm Beach County property appraiser
Illinois, Cook County – Clerk’s Office Record of Deeds Search
Massachusetts – Select from the 21 registry districts
Massachusetts, Suffolk County – includes Boston
New York, New York City – ACRIS property search
North Carolina, Currituck County
Public Data and Leaks Databases
Bellingcat’s Online Investigation Toolkit – (Google doc)
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) – links to all pages
DDoS leaks – Discord, Email, Gab, Rocketchat, Misc. chat
FSB Employees – Ukraine government March 2022 (Google translate)
Journalist’s Toolbox – Society of Professional Journalists
Molfar Registers List – 370 registers in 148 countries and OSINT tools
OCCRP Aleph – global archive of research material for investigative reporting
Open Data Portals – around the globe
Russian Espionage activities in Europe – list by Trip Krant (Google doc)
Reports on Influence Operation campaigns – list by Trip Krant
Consortiums, Advocacy, Open Source Reporting
ACDC – Anti Corruption Data Collective
AFR – Americans for Financial Reform
Bellingcat – open source and social media investigations
BIRD – Bureau for Investigative Reporting and Data
CREW – targets government officials and dark money donors
Democracy Labs – technology innovation hub for campaigns and organizations
Distributed Denial of Secrets – enables data in the public interest
FACT Coalition – Financial Accountability & Corporate Transparency
Forensic Architecture – spatial research into state and corporate violence
GJIN – Global Investigative Journalism Network
ICIJ – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Molfar – OSINT military investigations Ukraine
OCCRP – Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project
Open Ownership – transparency over who owns and controls companies
OpenSecrets – tracking money in U.S. politics
ProPublica – Investigative journalism in the public interest
Tax Justice Network – research and advocacy on tax and financial systems
Transparency International – global movement to end injustice of corruption
Russian Interference – Mueller Report
Mueller Volume I (448 pages)
Mueller Volume II (187 pages)
Internet and Website Resources
Google web page translate
Builtwith – tracking code and related websites
ICANN – domain and IP search
Resources provides links to open source websites with data on companies, people, transactions, leaks, reports, tools and more. This section is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. See something missing or have a suggestion for a new category? Submit ideas on the Contact page.