Rosneft Deal — 2 Charts — Basic & Detailed

The chart views below show the December 2016 Rosneft 19.5% privatization deal with Glencore and the Qatar Investment Authority. Scroll down to see a detailed chart showing the complex overlapping financial and political connections related directly and indirectly to the December transaction.

NOTE: chart not updated to reflect CEFC China Energy 14.2% investment.

Rosneft detailed chart
Rosneft Chart
Rosneft full chart
Rosneft Deal — Detailed Chart

SOURCE DATA USED FOR THE CHART (info in chart as of May 2017)

Note: some filing data has updated and is not yet reflected in the chart.

Rosneft Shareholder Structure

Rosneft Board of Directors

QHG Holding LLP — #OC414947 — filings and significant persons data

QHG Investment LLP — # OC414949 — filings and significant persons data

QHG Trading LLP — # OC414946 — filings and significant persons data

QHG Trading Rosneft deal for up to 55 million tons of oil

QHG Oil Ventures Pte Ltd, formerly QHG Shares Pte Ltd, Catalpo Pte Ltd (Singapore Govt Biz site, enter name to search for name history)

VTB loan of 692 billion rubles to QHG Shares Limited

QHG Investments owns QHG Shares

Intesa Sanpaolo May 25 2017 debt syndication of 5.2 billion Euros

Reported 50/50 joint venture between Qatar and Glencore (including 300 million Euros from Glencore, 2.5 billion Euros from Qatar, 5.2 billion Euros from Intesa loan, and 2.2 billion Euros source unknown)

VTB and Rosneftegaz Bridge loans

Russian Order of Friendship awards for Qatar, Glencore, Intesa heads

RUSAL Shareholder Structure — including 8.75% ownership by Glencore controlled Amokenga Holdings and SUAL Partners

SUAL Partners Vekselberg and Blavatnik

RUSAL Board of Directors — including Glencore’s CEO Ivan Glasenberg, Rosneft Chairman Matthias Warnig

Glencore Chairman Hayward Advisory Board for L1 Energy, part of LetterOne

Richard Burt Advisor to the Board of LetterOne

Intesa 350 Mil Euro Gazprom loan

Intesa 750 Mil Euro Yamal LNG loan

Yamal LNG $27 billion project

Rosneft ENI partnership extended by Putin and Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni

2012 $500 billion Exxon Rosneft agreement

2011 Exxon Rosneft Arctic agreement

Exxon Qatar Golden Pass LNG partnership

Qatar Airways Trump Tower tenant

Qatar (QIA) and Tom Barrack Miramax purchase and other business deals

Blackstone connection to deal through Walkers and QHG Cayman Ltd

Blackstone majority holding in Intertrust

Intertrust acquisition of Walkers

Blackstone $376 million co-financing loan for Kushner’s Watchtower building

Steven Schwarzman on Board of Russian Direct Investment Fund

Rosneft loan to Venezuela PDVSA (owner of Citgo) — default would transfer ownership to Rosneft

Rosneft bid to purchase India’s Essar Oil

Fridman, Blavatnik, Vekselberg, Khan $28 billion sale of BNP-TK to Rosneft

Rosneft former client of Bracewell & Giuliani

Bank of Cyprus — Wilbur Ross Vice Chairman, Viktor Vekselberg largest shareholder

Paul Manafort and Oleg Deripaska business deals

Carter Page July 2016 New Economic School visit and alleged meeting with Igor Sechin

This Reuters chart provided information used in the basic chart. Ownership, company names, and other data was updated and expanded based on Companies House filings and other sources noted above.

Rosneft Chart from Reuters

Additional info not on the chart:

Peter Grauer Glencore Director and Blackstone Director

FBI Director nominee Christopher Wray lawfirm represents Rosneft and Gazprom

Rex Tillerson was Director of Bahama based US-Russia firm Exxon Neftegas in 1998

Giuliani business interactions with Qatar, Rosneft, & Alfa


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