Stephen Bannon’s Network Connections

Stephen Bannon was found guilty of contempt of congress. He continues promoting the Big Lie that Trump won the 2020 election and uses his media platform to rile up his far-right base with an extremist agenda aimed at destroying the ‘administrative state’ and backing Trump in 2024. The chart below shows key people, companies and events in Bannon’s career and some of the extended networks of his current and former associates.

Stephen Bannon’s Network Connections Chart

Note that there is no indication of criminal or illegal activity in this chart except where explicitly noted. This chart may be updated periodically. Below are links to various sources. Click here to view image in a separate tab.

Source Links

Bannon Indictments / Pardons

  • November 2021 – USA v Stephen K. Bannon Indictment for Contempt of Congress – failing to honor House subpoenas from Select Committee investigating Jan. 6 Capitol Breach. Bannon found guilty on July 22.
  • January 20, 2021 – Bannon pardoned by Trump
  • August 2020 – Indictment We Build The Wall (Brian Kolfage, Stephen Bannon, Andrew Badolato, Timothy Shea)

The Movement

  • Mischaël Modrikamen is Executive director of The Movement founded by Bannon. Belgian right-wing politician and co-founder of the People’s Party (Reuters)
  • Eduardo Bolsonaro the son of Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is named Head of The Movement in South America (PR Newswire)
  • Aleksey Komov who reportedly works for Konstantin Malofeev, is tied Bannon through Catholic group Dignitatis Humanae, which tried (failed) to build alt-right center near Rome. Komov is Russian ambassador of the World Congress of Families. Komov is associate of Italian politician Matteo Salvini allegedly involved in dirty diesel deal with Russia (The Daily Beast).

Guo Wengui

  • In 2021 SEC charged 3 companies tied to Guo Wengui, companies to pay more than $539 million settlement to investors (SEC)
  • Former directors of GTV Media Group (Wall Street Journal)
  • Eduardo Eurnekian, the Argentine billionaire behind “The Himalaya Embassy”  used by Guo Wenguie and Bannon (The Daily Beast)

Stephen Bannon Misc

  • Bannon launched War Room talk show with distribution by Real America’s Voice run by Robert J. Sigg a little-known media mogul, a felon with a record of unpaid taxes (Washington Post)
  • Bannon lived in $2.4 million “Breitbart embass” owned by Mostafa El-Gindy, an Egyptian businessman and former member of parliament (The Guardian)

Eric Prince

  • 2019 – Prince partnered with Bannon to offer a version of the armed crop duster fitted w/Israeli software to the Emirati air force. Prince & Bannon also offered UAE rival Qatar services from Project Veritas ahead of 2022 FIFA World Cup (The Intercept)
  • 2017 – Bannon and Prince in communication re: Prince’s Seychelles meeting with Kirill Dmitriev. Memo drafted by Dmitriev and Rick Gerson, shared with Kushner, Bannon, Tillerson (The Daily Beast)

Andy Badolato

  • 2018 – Cambridge Analytica and Badolato’s USA Exhange signed $440,000 agreement (Chris Anderson in Herald Tribune)
  • International Business Ventures Group – Badolato was an executive at IBVG (Daniel Hopsicker MadCowProd). Badolato is listed on this 2008 IBVG Florida filing. Mike Muzio is listed as agent for IBVG in 2008 (Florida filing). Muzio was sentenced to prison for fraud involving International Business Ventures Group (FBI release).

Jonathan Curshen

  • 2003 – SEC charged Jonathan Curshen: Gaylen P. “John” Johnson, Timothy J. Miles, a principal shareholder; and two promoters, Carter Allen Jones and Jonathan Curshen (SEC release, WSJ notice)
  • 2008 – SEC charged Curhsen and Grossman with fraudulent stock manipulation of IBOT run by Badolato (who was not charged) (SEC release)
  • 2011- DOJ filed criminal fraud charges against Curshen who founded Red Sea Management involved in scheme with CO2 Tech Ltd stock. 2012 – Curshen sentenced to 20 years in jail for manipulation of CO2 Tech (CTTD)  – which alleged to have business with Boeing. Red Sea Management, Sentry Global Securities, Co-defendant Nathan Montgomery, Co-conspirators  – Robert Weidenbaum, Timothy Barham Jr., Ryan Reynolds, Michael Krome (DOJ announcement)

YBM Magnex

  • Jonathan Curshen backed a deal to line up investors for YBM Magnex to raise funds in the United States. He worked with Jacob Bogatin former YBM CEO, Robert Ventresca who headed Alpha Financial and worked with Bogatin, and Ken Davies a director and investor in YBM. From The Globe and Mail (via SiliconInvestor)

The former head of YBM Magnex International Inc. is part of a group that wants to buy the company and take it public again. The group consists of Jacob Bogatin, YBM’s former chief executive officer; Robert Ventresca, a business associate of Mr. Bogatin; and Ken Davies, a Vancouver investor and former YBM director…The group is backed by Southern Assurance Co. of Sarasota, Fla. Jonathan Curshen, who owns Southern, said yesterday that he has lined up investors to finance the bid but would not name them. “The most money is always made in projects that have the biggest problems.” When asked whether he is concerned about YBM’s alleged mob ties, Mr. Curshen replied: “Well, we are not sure on that and everything is going to be subject to lots and lots of due diligence.” However, he said he had not seen a recent forensic accounting report by Miller Tate & Co., which details the mob links.

  • Igor Fisherman was an executive of YBM Magnex. Fisherman was a former director of Highrock Holdings which was part owned by Dmitry Firtash. In 2003 the alleged former wife of Russian organized crime boss Semion Mogilevich, Galina Telesh, had been a director through Agatheas Trading. (Foreign Policy)
  • 1993-1998 – YBM Magnex Scheme, Indictment USA v Semion Mogilevich, Igor Fisherman, Jacob Bogatin, Anatoly Tsoura. Mogilevich was on the FBI’s Most Wanted list related to YBM Magnex from 2009-2015 and again starting in April 2022
  • According to The Australian, in 2003 Igor Gilenko (aka Igor Guilenko) had his Melbourne company, Australian Fin­ance Structure Pty Ltd, founded in 1993, repeatedly named by the FBI in charges against Semion Mogilevich, an alleged Russian organised crime boss. (Business Insider)
  • YBM Technologies Inc – Patent (Igor Fisherman, Oleg V. Kouznetsov, Sergey P. Pavlishin, Alexander N. Shatilov) (patent report). Oleg Kouznetsov’s wife has been photographed with Trump, and his son also named Oleg attended Donald Trump’s 2019 Christmas party at Mar-a-Lago (Washington Post).

George Nader and Elliott Broidy

  • 2017 – George Nader in communication with Elliott Broidy helped Bannon secure a $100,000 speaking gig at Hudson Institute conference for a speech against Qatar. (The Daily Beast)
  • 2017 – George Nader visited Bannon 13 times in the White House. Bannon said he met Nader through Kushner and worked with him on issues related to May 2017 summit in Saudi Arabia attended by Trump. (Washington Examiner)

Thanks to Robert Young Pelton, and twitter researchers @braisincapital and @ktskts11 for helpful input on the chart.


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