New Erik Prince Business Venture Unplugged Systems Ownership Chart

This network chart shows current owners of Unplugged Systems, the latest business venture involving Erik Prince who recently promoted a new ‘secure’ phone App called Unplugged on Steve Bannon’s War Room. Owners include Michael Yudelson’s company DTX Defexport, Eran Karpen, two companies associated with Erik Prince (WY Mobility and Phalanx Holdings), Dorian Barak and Liran Stein.

Unplugged Systems Ownership Erik Prince and others
New Erik Prince Business Venture Unplugged Systems Ownership Chart

Note that there is no indication of any illegal or criminal activity. This chart was created with Twitter researcher @ktskts11 and input from Robert Young Pelton and @braisincapital. The information may be updated periodically.

News recently broke that a PR email was sent to members of the media inviting them to meet with Glenn Greenwald during a DEF CON cybersecurity conference in Las Vegas and said he would be at DEF CON with Unplugged – a claim Greenwald has denied.

The chart shows the ownership of Unplugged and shows that many of the same owners were involved with another company Eitanium Limited that was featured in the chart below which was published in March 2021 and was created with Twitter researcher @ktskts11.

Eitanium Limited shareholder director chart

Below is a link to the full chart along with source links:


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