Andrii Artemenko aka Andy Kuchma: Network Connections

In 2017 Andrii Artemenko appeared in the news related to discussions with Felix Sater and Michael Cohen about a peace plan for Ukraine that was delivered to then National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. During the 2020 election Artemenko, who changed his name to Andy Kuchma, appeared in Ukraine with Rudy Giuliani who was creating a documentary and seeking dirt on candidate Joe Biden. The charts below (simplified and detailed) show people involved in the Ukraine peace plan discussions and activity with Giuliani, as well as others in Artemenko aka Kuchma’s business network — including some people under investigation, others charged with crimes, several sanctioned by the U.S., at least one Russian agent and Erik Prince.

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Artemenko Kuchma simplified chart
Andrii Artemenko aka Andy Kuchma: Network Connections Chart
Artemenko Chart
Andrii Artemenko aka Andy Kuchma: Network Connections – Detailed Chart

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Kuchma/Artemenko Companies

Global Management Association, Corp.

Global Management Association, Corp.

Global Management Association, Corp.

Oksy Global LLC

Global Assets Inc.

  • Incorporated 11 July 2005 in Florida (active)
  • Andy Kuchma, vice president and president, Oksana Kuchma president and agent.

Fashion Luxury Management, LLC

American Industrial Group

Alphanet Technologies, Inc.

  • Incorporated 26 March 2009 in Florida (active)
  • Andy V Kuchma, president, Kuchma Oksana, president, vice president, agent
  • Website: Andy Kuchma President, Yan Aronov Chief Executive Officer, Kostiantyn Anapreichyk Vice President, Baruch Vega Vice President Latin America, Vitalii Artemenko Vice President Development Issues, Miroslav Bykov Organizational Development, Leonid Yastremskiy Resource Development
  • Same address as Gitman companies

Kuchma and Erik Prince’s Frontier Resource Group

Airtrans LLC

  • Incorporated 4 March 2010 in Florida (active)
  • Andy V KuchmaKuchma Oksana, president and agent, Yan Aronov, chairman
  • Original members Andrew Rubinshteyn and Global Assets Inc.
  • Website team — Andy Kuchma Executive Chairman, Yan Aronov CEO, Kostiantyn Anapreichyk Vice President, George Seleznov COO, Baruch Vega Director Latin American Operations, Kristina Ilyushina Head of Marketing (previously listed Nabil Bader)

World Aviation Group

  • Website shows World Aviation Group is part of Frontier Resource Group
  • Website display a telephone number that is the same as Kuchma and Aranov’s AirTrans LLC and another telephone number the same as Alphanet Technologies.
  • Website displays address that is the same as World of Luxury, the agent for Kuchma’s American Industrial Group.

Gitman Companies (partial list related to chart)

Worldwide Aviation Group L.L.C.

  • Incorporated 25 March 2010 in Florida (active)
  • David Gitman, agent

Skyway International, LLC

Skyway International Holding, Inc.

Monarch Air Group

  • Incorporated 6 April 2005 in Florida (active)
  • DAVID Gitman, agent

Technocon International Inc.

Ancovi International LLC

Suncoast Air Cargo

WIS International Group LLC

SCC International

Kislin Companies (partial list related to chart)

Brunlow Limited Inc.

  • Incorporated 18 May 2005 in New York (inactive)
  • BRUNLOW LIMITED INC, principal executive office, SAM KILSIN, chief executive officer (note: In this OpenCorporates link the name is spelled “Kilsin” vs Kislin”)
  • In 2006 Sam Kislin wrote a letter to sponsor Gennady Klotsman, former business associate of Felix Sater.

Sleepy Hudson LLC

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Artemenko said the Ukraine peace proposal was hatched in February 2016 at event with Weldon and Rovt (McClatchy)

In December 2019 Giuliani was in Ukraine with Artemenko working on OANN documentary. Giuliani flew home on plane (T7-UTS) owned by Rovt with logo of IBE Trade Corp (@MacFinn44Buzzfeed)

Artemenko was a long-time friend with Igor Fruman and had breakfast at Trump Hotel with Fruman and Parnas.

Ex-Blackwater employee Thomas “Doc” Williams provided security to Giuliani per source (Buzzfeed)

Dale Armstrong, President of Armada Network and International director of American Pastors Network is friends in Ukraine with Oleksandr Turchynov, (former acting president), interior minister Arsen Avakov

April 2017 FARA filing — Andreii Artemenko paid Dale Armstrong at Armstrong & Associates LLC $90,000 for 3 months of work to “Advance US-Ukraine relations.”

In 2018 Dale Armstrong wrote a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, listing 39 Ukrainian Christian groups, and demanding the recall of U.S. Ambassador Yovanovitch.

May 2019 FARA filing — OILPROM, s.r.o. in Czech Republic paid $74,450 to Global Management Association Corp. president Nabil Bader, Oksana Kuchma, “Payment for provision of polling data $74,450 U.S.D. from April 21,2019 Ukrainian presidential election” and “Payment of $25,000 U.S.D. to New Image Marketing Group for receipt of polling data from April 21,2019 Ukraine presidential election.”

2017 story about discussions Felix Sater and Artemenko had about an energy trading deal in Ukraine. Per Sater the peace plan came up during discussions about a deal to broker an agreement to sell energy abroad from Ukraine’s nuclear power plants.

In 2014 Vadim Trincher and Antoly Golubchik were sentenced to five years in prison by Preet Bharara for their roles in a racketing conspiracy as members of a Russian-Amerian organized crime enterprise that laundered more than $100 million through an illegal gambling and extortion ring out of an apartment in Trump Tower.

Andrew Rubinshteyn, who originally set-up AirTrans LLC in 2010 — was charged in 2017 in a multi-million dollar insurance fraud (Andrew Rubinstein aka Andrei Rubinsteyn). Rubinstein was sentenced to six years in federal prison for a $23 million insurance fraud that involved ripping off auto insurance companies by illegally billing for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance money under Florida’s no-fault law.


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