Highlights of Donald Trump’s Newly Amended Public Financial Disclosure Report

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In April 2023 Donald Trump released his 101 page public financial disclosure report (OGE Form 278e) for candidates running for President of the United States. This month Trump released an amended report that is 164 pages long (in two parts) and includes new updates and details on his financials for last year.

Following are some highlights from a few few recent news stories of the new details in the amended filing and a few excerpts showing the four positions listed in ‘Part 1: Filer’s Positions Held Outside United States Government’ and a table showing Trump’s mortgages in the ‘Part 8 Liabilities’ section of the report.

The three pdfs for the amended and original filing are included below for anyone who wants to dive into the weeds and review the source documents.

The Washington Post reported that ‘Trump reveals new details about $1 billion in earnings in revised filing’ and describe some notable updates in the amended filing:

  • changed earnings from Trump’s golf course in Ireland from less than $201 to approximately $6.2 million.
  • changed income reported for the Doral golf club in Floria from over $5 million to $159 million.
  • changed income reported from the sale of Trump’s hotel in Washington D.C. from over $5 million to $284 million.
  • reported that Trump’s new media company Truth Social generated $1.2 million in advertising fees.
  • added an item in the liabilities section noting that a mortgage from Deutsche Bank on the Doral property was paid off.

Per a story in Forbes called ‘Trump’s Licensing Business Receives Influx Of Middle East Money,’ Trump reported $26 million of licensing income on his latest disclosure, which included:

  • $5.35 million of licensing fees for a golf project in Oman.
  • $1.5 million in licensing fees from a project in the United Arab Emirates.
  • $13 million in licensing income from Trump Marks Waikiki LLC in Hawaii.

Another Forbes article describes how ‘Trump has trademarks in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and 84 other countries.’

Below are tables showing Trump’s positions held and his liabilities (mortgages) and the full pdf reports for the amended and original reports.

Donald Trump’s Public Financial Disclosure Report Highlights

Part 1: Filer’s Positions Held Outside United States Government 
1. CIC Digital LLC

Palm Beach, FL 

Limited Liability Company 

Manager, President, Secretary, & Treasurer

03/2022 Present

2. CIC Ventures LLC

Palm Beach, FL 

Limited Liability Company 

Manager, President, Secretary, & Treasurer

02/2021 Present

3. Mar-A-Lago Club, LLC

Palm Beach, FL 

Limited Liability Company 


01/24/2021 Present

4. Trump Media & Technology Group Corp.

Sarasota, FL 

Limited Liability Company 


01/24/2021 Present

Part 8: Liabilities
#Creditor NameTypeAmountYear IncurredRateTerm
1The Bryn Mawr Trust CompanySeven Springs (mortage)$5,000,001 – $25,000,0002000 4.50%Matures in 2029
2Deutsche Bank Trust Company AmericasTIHT Chicago (mortgage )$5,000,001 – $25,000,0002012LIBOR + 2.00%Matures in 2024
3Ladder Capital Finance LLCTIHT Commercial NY (mortgage)$5,000,001 – $25,000,00020144.05%Matures in 2026
4Ladder Capital Finance LLCTrump Plaza (mortgage)$5,000,001 – $25,000,00020143.85%Matures in 2024
5Ladder Capital Finance LLC40 Wall Street (mortgage )Over $50,000,00020153.665%Matures in 2025
6Professional Bank1125 South Ocean Blvd (mortgage )$5,000,001 – $25,000,00020184.50%Matures in 2048
7Axos BankTrump Tower (mortgage )Over $50,000,00020224.25%Matures in 2032
8Axos BankTrump National Doral (mortgage)Over $50,000,00020224.90%Matures in 2032
9Chicago Unit Acquisition LLCTIHT Chicago (springing )Over $50,000,0002012Prime + 5%Springing Loan
Creditors paid off (or refinanced) *
10Amboy BankTNGC Colts Neck (mortgage)$5,000,001 – $25,000,00020085.25%Paid Off April 2022
11Chevy Chase Trust Holdings, LLCTNGC Washington DC (mortgage)$5,000,001 – $25,000,00020095.5%Paid Off April 2022
12Investors BankTrump Park Avenue (mortgage)$5,000,001 – $25,000,00020103.5%Paid Off May 2021
13Deutsche Bank Trust Company AmericasTrump National Doral (mortgage)Over $50,000,0002012LIBOR + 1.75%Paid Off May 2022
14Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas **Trump National Doral (mortgage) $25,000,001 – $50,000,0002015LIBOR + 1.75% Paid Off May 2022
15Ladder Capital Finance LLCTrump Tower (mortgage)Over $50,000,00020124.2%Paid Off Feb 2022
16Deutsche Bank Trust Company AmericasTrump Old Post Office (mortgage )Over $50,000,0002014LIBOR + 1.75%Paid Off May 2022
* The mortgages for #13 Trump National Doral and #15 Trump Tower were both refinanced by Axos Bank (#7 and #8).
** The Deutsche Bank mortgage for Doral in #14 was added to the amended July 6, 2023 filing and was missing from the April 14, 2023 filing. This mortgage was listed in prior filings such as the one dated January 15, 2021, however that filing listed the year incurred as 2012 and not 2015.
Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report (OGE Form 278e)

Donald Trump’s Financial Disclosure Form

Report Type: Candidate

Name: Donald J. Trump

Position: President of the United States

Part 1 – Parts 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 amended July 6, 2023

Part 2 – Parts 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 amended July 6, 2023

Original report dated April 14, 2023


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