Chart: Emerdata Limited — the new Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group?

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Emerdata Limited Chart
Chart: Emerdata Limited — the new Cambridge Analytica/SCL Group?

See the story below on Emerdata Limited, for most of the source materials with links, referenced in the chart above:

Cambridge Analytica executives created a company with the Executive Director & Deputy Chairman of…

The video below notes that SCL Group founder Nigel Oakes told Channel 4 News it was his understanding that Emerdata was set up a year ago to acquire all of Cambridge Analytica and all of SCL.

Additional information in the chart came from this article referred by Ann Marlowe, including information on Dorian Barak trying to interest Erik Prince in a joint investment with Vincent Tchenguiz, former SCL shareholder.

Revealed: Blackwater founder Erik Prince’s Business Ties with Netanyahus disgraced chief of staff

Thanks to Ann Marlowe for her suggestions on improvements to the chart.


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